• Focused Prayer- Every Monday Night at 7pm

  • Wired Serving- Jan 13th after church

  • January Anniversaries

    Zack and Jessica Baldwin

    Paul and Brenda Brothers

    Johnny and Becky Thomas

    John David and Crystal Mullins

    Jason and Jeannie Buford

  • January Birthdays

    Carolyn Whitlow     Connie Myers

    Benjamin Briley      Dee Stone

    Jesse Apalategui    Adalynn Deramus

    Devin Tubbs            Sandra Ellis

    Jesse Palmer         Faye Randall

    Ricky Yandell         Jeff Montgomery

    Darla Keim            Gage Whitworth

    Abigail Sexson     Brook Briley

    Melissa Roberts    Courtney Frost

    Jake Whitten        Faye Sutterfield

    Eric Gregory        Sandy Kennamer

    John Walker        John David Mullins

    Brent Montgomery

    Lee Yates           Cameron Spencer

    Brendal Vestal    Danny Havner

    Brooklyn Lancaster     

    Betty Barricks      Bertha Owens

    BJ Keim              Lee Ellis

    Ady Yates            Paul Brothers

    Cohen Smith       

  • Celebrate Recovery Thursday Nights at 5:30pm

  • Sunday Night Live at 6pm

  • First Wednesdays - Men and Women Ministries at 6:30 pm

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Stacy Lisenbey

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Brother Stacy Lisenbey and First Lady Jennifer Lisenbey are the pastors of JNC.  They just celebrated their 19th year of pastoring this congregation. They have a beautiful family with two children, Caleb and Emily.   Jennifer is an English teacher at Two Rivers High School, a sunday school teacher, and the head of the Ladies' ministry at JNC.  Brother Stacy is a full time pastor who devotes his time to his congregation.  




Youth Pastors

Dee and Kim Stone




Dee and Kim Stone have been the youth pastors at JNC for 10 years.  They have 4 beautiful girls: Kelsey, Kenzie, Kyley,  and Kenlie.  Dee also has Kozii Furniture Store in Russellville and  Kim is an ALE teacher in Atkins.  The youth of this church , our community, and our state are their passion.  They continue to help create an atmosphere where the youth can worship and develop a closer relationship with the Lord!


Children's Pastor

Jill Yates

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Jill Yates has been the Kids Pastor at JNC for 10 years.  She is a retired school teacher with 27 years of experience in education.  She has two children of her own, Ady and Cort, and has been married to Billy for 26 years.  Jill has a passion for children,  she  has dedicated her whole adult life to them!!  She and the Kidz Krew teach the kids the fundamentals of living a Christian life, how to love others as yourself, and mainly and most importantly that no matter what they are going through that Jesus loves them!!!!