• Trunk or Treat on Oct 31st

  • Remnant Fellowship at Cameron's on Oct. 26

  • Baby Shower for Dee Cozart Oct 28 at 2:30pm

  • Nursing Home at 2:30 on Oct. 28

  • Food Bank Oct 20 at 8am

  • Baby Sprinkle for Courtney Foster (Diapers and Wipes) Oct 7 at 1:00pm

  • Ladies' Conference Oct. 27

  • Community Connection- Mondays at 5:30pm at Ola Baseball Park

  • September birthdays

    Dakota Ellis     Edna Yingling

    Colby Whitlow    Michael Sexson

    Millie Gaston    Rachel Whitten

    John Logan     Skylar Cano

    Joe Tarno       Kaylie Frost

    James Westlake     Chrisite Carney

    Jimmy Davenport   Paige Meredith

    Maverick Whitlow

    Pam Smith      Stephen Brothers

    Freddie Jones   Martha McClure

    Cody Davenport   Livia Palmer

    Eulita Walker    Kevin Sexson

    Brayden Yandall    Scott Prater

    Janet Rice     Brad Burnett

    Amelia Prater   Kim Lewis

    Carsyn Lawrence     Angie Baker

    Jaunita Buckman   Heidi Palmer

    Somer Frost   Leslie Wyre

    Kaylee Spencer  Meredith Young


  • September anniversaries

    Tony and Sharon Burfield

    Jimmy and Stephanie Davenport

    Austin and Courtney Foster

    Tom and Carolyn Whitlow

    Preston and Kishea Forrest

    Freddie and Sherri Jones

    Chad and Kathy Turner


  • Celebrate Recovery Thursday Nights at 6:30pm

  • Sunday Night Live at 6pm

  • First Wednesdays - Men and Women Ministries at 6:30 pm

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Music/Drama Minister

Dewayne Rice

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Dewayne Rice has led the music for JNC for 10 years.  He has a heart and a passion for music and has chosen to share his love with the congregation at  JNC.  He and his beautiful wife, Janet,  reside in Plainview where Dewayne works with wood, creating and recreating beautiful pieces of furniture.  He also finds a little time to sell insurance!!