Celebrate Recovery Fundraiser Lunch May 19th

May Anniversaries

Dewayne and Janet Rice

Rob and Leslie Pratt

Lee and Connie Yates

Jesse and Maria Apalategui

Mike and Pam Hill

Jamie and Ashley Ennis

Lorenzo and Linda Ulloa

Billy and Kerry Frost

Ricky and Valerie Yandell

 Michael Dean and Robin Smith

 Billy and Brooke Briley

May Birthdays

Dewayne Rice

Blaine Smith

Kathy Jo Dunn

Michael Woodward

Cammie Canada

Ethan Newman

Landry Douglas

Kayleigh Jones

Eric Duvall

Mike Johnson

Bob Lisenbey

Eric St. Clair

Eugene Keeling

Carlis Booth

Kerry Frost

Mary Lazenby

Evelyn Pineda

Emma Gregory

Chad Turner

Sherri Jones

Bro. Stacy Lisenbey

Karen Tramel

Norma Rice

Briar Brothers


River Valley Outpouring 6pm Russellville High School Auditorium

The Dunaways in Concert May 19th at 11am

Focused Prayer- Every Monday Night at 7pm

Celebrate Recovery Thursday Nights at 5:30pm

Sunday Night Live at 6pm

First Wednesdays - Men and Women Ministries at 6:30 pm